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So, You’re likely here because you are looking for help and need more support with the back end of your business. Well, you are in luck!


That is my genius zone and what I am offering you is an opportunity to work together and reach your operation's needs while growing and scaling your business. It can feel daunting to work on KPI’s, team growth, and overall strategy from scratch; especially if the technology is overwhelming for you OR time is an issue! What these packages ultimately grant you is time and organization, leading to more creativity in other aspects of your business.  Instead of drowning in overwhelm and back-office disorganization, your time will be utilized in business growth and a forward trajectory!

Check out my packages below and remember we can discuss a more personal approach on our call that you can schedule today.

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Package Options:

Please note that monthly packages reflect general business needs, but parts can and will be tailored to you and your specific business needs, which we will discuss and agree upon through our call and contract. 

Peace of Mind Package

A great personalized option for the entrepreneur ready to build and design their back-office needs, system setups, and overall monthly workflow. The Peace of Mind Package includes but is not limited to:

  • System Setups

  • SOP creation

  • On-call support to fix any tech errors for clients or customers

  • Organization Operations

  • Program/Product Launch Support

  • Growth in your business

  • 2 planning meetings a month


2 Admin services that can include:

  • Invoice management

  • Email Management

  • Community Moderating


I help you figure out the "how" for things like:

  • Online payments

  • CRM set up and organization

  • Email marketing

Life by Design Package

A wonderful opportunity for the entrepreneur ready to focus in on a larger scale with project management, operations, and overall day to day issues. The Life by Design Package includes but is not limited to:

  • Project Management - Following up with contractors, clients, or team members

  • Operations Management - Organizing the logistics of the back end of the business

  • Metrics Management - Help create reports focused on KPIs tracked weekly, monthly, or quarterly

  • Weekly Reports/ Meetings

  • Team On-boarding

  • System Setups

  • Manages Day-to-Day issues

  • Implement the Visionary's grand plans

  • Weekly planning meetings

  • SOP Creation + Revisions

Optimize your Operations in a Day

I support driven entrepreneurs to scale their businesses without sacrificing more time and being overwhelmed by technology. through my Optimization Framework, I take my clients through a day that will transform their business. My VIP Day service includes:

  • Kickoff Call where we will assess your business and map out your strategy and goals

  • Identifying bottlenecks and process improvements

  • Done for you system set up and integrations will be built

  • Training videos for you and your team

  • Optimization Plan to ensure you implement changes with ease

  • At least 5 hours back in your week

  • Increase in efficiency and quality

  • 14 Days of Slack support

Don’t see what you need here? Let’s chat and see how I may be able to help you! Schedule call.

Why work with ELF Operations? 


"Working with Emma has been instrumental in helping me free up my time and mental space in order to focus on what I do best.  She is fantastic with automating systems and figuring out the best programs. As I began working with her, she quickly automated my payment processing, invoicing, scheduling and client forms, which has enhanced the ease of my client and financial management.  She is always timely and thorough in her responses.  Emma cares about her clients and providing the support that they need to go the next level."  


 - Alexandra Pursglove, Business & Success Coach