Hi, I am Emma!

With my confidence in all thing’s technology and my Operations Management degree, I can lead you down the road of full automation and business management.


What does that actually mean for you though?


It means that I help you map out your automation system strategy. It means I help you declutter your business. It means that I offer support and insight into hiring and growing your team. You have a ton of amazing ideas which you simply don't have the time to implement and that's what I'm here for, to bring all those big overwhelming ideas to fruition so that you thrive both professionally and personally!

I began my journey as an entrepreneur like most do, to build a better life for my daughter. What started out as a side hustle to my full-time job while being a single mom, quickly grew into a thriving business. The foundation of building my own business from the ground up and balancing motherhood has given me a unique perspective.

Since the beginning of my business, I have understood the importance of automation and efficiency because it would help me be able to live a life I enjoy. A life I designed. Isn’t that why you started your journey too?


To live a life of your own design with a business that works for you? So here I am, offering you personalized solutions that help you organize your daily tasks and output, track your progress, and grow your business without your constant oversight! I want you to be able to take moments to relax and be assured it’s all running smoothly.

After obtaining my Operations Management Degree I went straight into corporate BUT I was stressed and didn't have time for my family or myself.  So I quite corporate before I really even started. Why? Because I knew there was a better way!


I need you to know that I get it! I know what it feels like to take that leap of faith and to run your own business. But I also know when we do, there are just some things we need to outsource and automate. We can't do and be everything all the time, even in our own business. So that's why I'm here! I provide you with practical business and operations support focused on KPI’s, automation, growth, technology, and accountability. I am here to help guide you on your next steps to more growth.

My style is “let's collaborate and build together”. It is important that we make sure the back-end work is tailored to your thought process and personal business needs. No one person or business is exactly the same and I am here to take the stress of figuring it out and managing it all, off your hands. I'm a total nerd about tech and logistics! Seriously. I love it! And there is nothing more satisfying than building out a system with my clients. Their day and workflow become so manageable that they can finally focus on other areas of growth and implementing the new ideas they have been putting on the back burner for ages. 


When I am not working for clients or on ELF Operations I enjoy searching for the next best local coffee joint #coffeeislife, spending time with my daughter, fiancé, and our pets, while planning our next adventure! 

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