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The ELF behind the Operations

Hi there! I'm Emma, the ELF behind this operation and I'm here to take the stress out of your day and give you more time to focus on the things that matter most in your business and life! You are looking for more than just daily tasks completed. You need support, accountability, and someone who is ready to help those amazing ideas become your reality. I will focus on implementing technology and business automation, along with managing your customer support and organizing your business.

Here you can learn more about me, my style, and why I standout!

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Emily Bezak

Founder of Emily Bezak Writes

Emma has been an invaluable asset to my ability to scale and grow my business. Not only has she taken some admin tasks from my to-do lists, but she's also automated quite a few processes for the onboarding process for new clients and to help manage recurring client work. I was looking for my go-to gal, but she's also become a friend and business strategist that I trust completely.

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Zach Snyder

Founder of Snyder Investing

Emma always delivers the best quality work on-time! She treats your business like its her own. She takes tasks given to her and always goes above and beyond. She actually does her research and gives you concise details with intelligent answers. She has helped me utilize my ClickUp for my real estate business!